Consumer Appraisal

Non-lender assignments.  Services provided to a consumer, generally the home owner or a representative of the estate.  Appraiser will perform an interior and exterior observation of the home.  Uses include Cash purchases of homes, Estate Settlement, Asset Management,  Divorce and Litigation.

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Pre Listing Appraisal

Determines the Fair Market Value of a property to assist in making listing decisions.  Usually ordered by the home owner or the listing agent.  The appraiser will perform an interior and exterior observation of the home.

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Exterior Only (Drive-by) Appraisal

Exterior only observation of the property.  An assumption is made that the exterior of the home, as observed from street view,  is representative of the interior condition .  Usually ordered to avoid disturbing the current occupants.

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Measure Only

Measuring only.  Generally to provide realtors with an accurate square footage for listing purposes.  No opinion of value is provided. 

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